Wavebreak Rigid Inflatable Boats

Challenge the elements with confidence and style

Built to challenge the elements, GP Engineering's masterfully designed Wavebreak is the ultimate in alloy hull rigid inflatable boats (aka RHIBs or RIBs).

Smooth with Great Control

4.9M Centre-Console (shown w/optional extras)
4.9M Centre-Console (shown w/optional extras)

Smooth-riding in the choppiest of waters, the Wavebreak is engineered to plane at low speeds and to handle sharp turns without slippage.

Perfect for all boating activities

4.5M Sport (shown w/optional extras)
4.5M Sport (shown w/optional extras)

Wavebreaks are easily launched from trailer, beach or riverside and are perfect for all types of activities from fishing and diving to water-skiing and hunting.

Roomy, tough and reliable

7M Wavebreak Sport (shown w/optional extras)
7M Wavebreak Sport (shown w/optional extras)

Wavebreak RIBs are renowned for their high-performance handling as well as passenger comfort and safety in rough weather and adverse conditions.

Safety at Sea is Our #1 Priority

Build Survey Certification Available for MOSS
Build Survey Certification Available for MOSS

Tested and Proven - Build Survey Certification Available for MOSS

We take safety seriously. We know not all boating occurs in calm seas and ideal conditions which is why Wavebreaks are designed and built to exceed Maritime New Zealand's strict survey standards.

Survey testing proved the Wavebreak remains stable when flooded, when deflated and when heavily-loaded.

Build Survey Certification is available for those operating under Maritime NZ's Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) including border patrol, coastguard, rescue, research, police, tour, boat hire, charter fishing, hunting and diving, fisheries, harbour master and other commercial operators.

Perfected Innovative Designs

4.5M Wavebreak Jet - Sport Model
4.5M Wavebreak Jet - Sport Model

Engineered to Perform and Built to Last

GP Engineering has been designing and manufacturing Wavebreak Rigid Inflatable Boats in Nelson, New Zealand since 1996.

Over the years we have perfected and incorporated innovative design features to exceed expectations. Recreational and commercial users agree Wavebreak RIBs deliver what is promised: our outboard models provide smooth dry rides in heavy seas and our jetboats allow fast navigation through rocky riverbeds.

Engineered to Perform and Built to Last, Wavebreak Rigid Inflatable Boats set the standard to which others aspire.

Versatile and Reliable - Wide Range of Models

Wavebreaks are Set-up to Suit Your Needs
Wavebreaks are Set-up to Suit Your Needs

Available as Standard, Personalized or Customized Bespoke Craft

Wavebreak RHIBs range from 3.8 metre tenders to 11 metre fully-enclosed hardtops. Standard models include:

  • 3.8M Bare, Sport & Centre-Console
  • 4.5M Bare, Sport & Centre-Console
  • 4.9M Bare, Sport & Centre-Console
  • 4.9M Rescue Boats for Ships
  • 5M Sport & Centre-Console
  • 6M Sport & Centre-Console & Hardtop
  • 7M Sport & Centre-Console & Hardtop
  • 11M Hardtop (Outboard and Sterndrive)

Wavebreak Rigid Inflatable Boats are available as standard, personalized from our extensive selection of options, or completely custom-built as one-off bespoke models.

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Designed and Built to Exceptional Standards

11M Hard Top
11M Hard Top

Vital Safety at Sea and Durability in Rugged Conditions

Engineered to Perform and Built to Last Wavebreak Rigid Inflatable Boats are designed to ensure superior safety, performance, durability and comfort for all users.

  • Wavebreaks plane at low speeds and manage sharp turns without slippage, providing confident control to even the most inexperienced drivers.
  • Hulls and sides are constructed from certified 5083 marine-grade alloy to withstand destructive conditions.
  • Thick alloy hulls tolerate impacts against rocks and other hard surfaces that can chip, graze and crack plastic and fiberglass hulls.
  • High alloy sides essentially create a "boat within a boat" which enable the Wavebreak to remain operational even with deflated pontoons.
  • Removable puncture-resistant, "dual layer" D-shaped pontoons and thoughtful layouts create uncluttered internal space.
  • It takes practically an act of vandalism to puncture through the Wavebreak's protective outer bag and into its inner inflated bladders!
  • Engineered pontoon and hull combination provides superb stability while at rest and underway, and even in swamped situations.
  • Designed with safety at sea in mind, Wavebreak RIBs let you do more things and explore more areas you wouldn't dare approach in other craft.

Superior Design Features Shared by All Wavebreaks Models

Here are just a few of the Wavebreak's superior design features:

  • Top quality 5083 marine-grade alloy hull, transom and sides
  • High sides contribute to generous freeboard
  • Boat remains operational even with deflated pontoons
  • Large D-shape pontoons free up floor space and provide excellent stability
  • Puncture-resistant "dual layer" pontoon system is safer than single systems
  • Removable heavy-duty bladders are encased by durable PVC-coated outers
  • Pontoons are not glued to hull
  • Inner bladders and protective outers are removable for repairs or replacement
  • Large duckbill scuppers ensure fast self-drainage
  • Fully-swamped boats remain stable, operational and empty in minutes
  • V-shaped hulls with appropriate entry and angle ensure excellent predictable rides
  • Reverse chines enable fast planing and positive cornering
  • Superb handling gives confidence to even the most inexperienced helmsman

Custom Outfitted to Suit Specific Needs

4.9M Centre-Console
4.9M Centre-Console

Completely Set-Up and Ready to Go!

Built-to-Order, Wavebreaks are manufactured using only the finest marine-grade materials available. Our expertise in precision and marine engineering ensures superior-quality construction and allows for complete customization to address specific needs.

Though our standard models are ready for action we offer a wide variety of optional extras to make your boating even more pleasurable including:

  • Seating options
  • Fishing rod holders
  • Dive tank and BCD holders
  • Lift points and davits
  • Marine radios
  • Navigation lights
  • GPS sounders and depth finders
  • Ski tows and engine protectors
  • Integrated fuel tanks
  • Ice-boxes and chilly bins
  • Bait boards and stations
  • Manual and electric winch systems
  • Windscreens
  • Bimini tops and pontoon covers
  • Storage areas and hatches
  • Outboard and inboard motors
  • Sterndrives, outboard jets, jetboats
  • Road, beach and motorized trailers
  • Custom designs & engineered parts
  • Much, much more

Whether for recreational or commercial use your Wavebreak will be built to exceptional standards with safety at sea and superior performance in mind. Contact us today!

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Superior Quality and Exceptional Performance Since 1996

Grant and Roux jetboating on the West Coast
Grant and Roux jetboating on the West Coast

How It all Began

Frustrated by a market filled with hard-riding, cramped rigid inflatables, Grant Parkins of GP Engineering decided it was time to design and build a RIB that would satisfy the most discerning customer = himself.

An avid outdoor sportsman and highly-experienced marine engineer, Grant knew what features were vital to ensuring high-performance handling, passenger comfort and safety, room for diving, fishing and hunting gear, and flexible configuration to accommodate various activities.

In 1996 he launched his first hand-crafted alloy-hulled rigid inflatable boat and he named her, Wavebreak.

Made in New Zealand

Support NZ Made
Support NZ Made

By GP Engineering Ltd.

Wavebreak RIBs are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Each and every boat (and trailer) is handcrafted by Grant Parkins in our Nelson workshop. This ensures superior-quality construction and allows for complete customization.

GP Engineering provides complete turn-key services, all the way from the build to the delivery of your Wavebreak, ensuring everything is done correctly to our exacting standards to suit your specific needs.

Our hands-on approach and easy accessibility enable customers to talk directly to us before, during and after construction and delivery to ensure complete satisfaction.

We listen to your needs to determine how to best meet your boating requirements. And we will exceed your expectations!

Don't hesitate to call or email to discuss how we can help you.

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